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Guilty or Innocent?

which falsely accused character are you?

an Enzai rating community.
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Which enzai character are you?


Welcome! This is a rating community for the visual novel game, Enzai. Here you will be able to fill out an application and determin which character you are most like personality wise.

As the months go by, and if the community becomes more popular, we'll have more themes. i.e. Your soul mate, Guilty or Innocent, ect.

Founder & Only mod


  • Guys

  • Guildias

  • Durer

  • Bollanet

  • Evan

  • Jose

  • Lusca

  • Vallewida

  • Io

  • Shion

  • Belbet

  • Myuca

  • Guard A

  • Guard B

Click here to learn more about Enzai and it's characters!


1. Respect other members.
2. No flaming or character bashing.
3. You can only vote maximum two characters per application.
4. if you aren't stamped yet, you can still vote. (And i strongly encourage you to.)
5. Please give at least a little insight behind your vote, so that others may elaborate.
6. Try to vote on as many applications as you can. I will ask for some votes at the beginning of your application. If you aren't fair and come for a rating, without giving votes in return, then i will have no choice but to give you a warning. If i have to give a warning more than once then it will result in you getting banned from the community.
7. Give realistic answers. You know, as if you were actually in these situations.
8. Whenever you fill out an application, i cannot stress this enough, be completely truthful. Otherwise it ruins the whole point of the community. =_=
9. Once you get 5 votes or whatever majority you may have by the end of 1 week is when you'll receive your stamp.
10. Have fun! Oh, and to prove you read the rules, put something with "durer" in the subject line.


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